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What is Milkify?

Since I stopped using Remember The Milk, I also stopped using Milkify, so the project is not maintained anymore. If you want to take ownership of it, please contact me directly.

Milkify is a desktop client for Remember The Milk, the awesome "to-do list" web application. It allows you to manage your tasks from the desktop, the same way Thwirl or Twitterrific manage your tweets. With handy hotkeys and easy keyboard navigation, you won't have to wait for a browser to open, or have to switch to the correct tab, making your day more productive!

Milkify uses the IronCow API for communicating with Remember The Milk.

Where do I get it?

Check-out the official Milkify website, and more specifically the download page.
Please leave feedback there, instead of the issue tracker here, unless it's source-code-related, thanks.

Want to help?

Milkify needs testers. Go get the latest release and test it (you will need a Remember the Milk account, though). Please post any bug or concern on the leave feedback page.

Milkify blog

You can get news and information regarding Milkify development by subscribing to the Milkify category on my developer's blog.

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